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Ambii is the name i go by, 24 is how long i have been searching for myself. I believe that sometimes you just have to accept the bad and hope for the best and don't give up because in the end everything will come together.

Tonight im forgetting you like you forgot about me. Im going to pretend we didnt exist as you have told everyone the same thing… i dont need to talk to other guys but i will let them see me smile. You have clearly moved on so i am not holding on to you anymore.

When the person you fucking love cant return one text to you… awesome… im done i give uo..everyone is going to be happy. All yall can have him… im just gonna disappear.

Why cant i let go like he did? Why is it so easy for hom and so hard for me… why do i miss him when he doeant even make an effort with “us”. He said he is so alone but tlks to his “home girls” and snapchats everyone but me… why do i even have this phone when i habe no one to talk to again… just wish it got easier…. i dont even know what to do anymore.

My dog and i just took the most amazing nap ^——^

Let the waves collapse above me, and wash away my fucking memory.